Waterloo Friends Gathering

I often say that I enjoy nothing more than food and friends together. I love eating, but eating alone is not recommended. The last time Catherine called me was to wish me happy birthday. We talked about getting the old University of Waterloo gang together for a dinner. Well, true to the organizer personality that she has, she proceeded to invite people. We chose a restaurant in New Kennedy Square at highway 7 and kennedy. Some people came and left because they were busy and we did start the dinner quite late, others simply gave up because of supposed traffic issues. Pretty lame to me!

I will do some advertising for the restaurant, Grand Lake Chinese Cusine & Banquet. The dinner was super cheap! The quality was alright, but the deal was in the price! 5 of us sat down for a dinner with roast duck, shrimp, crab, fish, soup and stir-fry and it only cost $58 before taxes! I may have to go back again simply for the value.

After dinner, we went for bubble tea at the busy Destiny. Jimmy joined us after just flying back from Ottawa. He had dinner while we drank tea, fruit jucies and chat about anything and everything! Inevitably, the topic among my Taiwanese friends turn to politics. I usually play the role of the listener, but since the discussion mood hit me, I voiced my first opinion about the subject since my friends have known me. We stayed chatting until 1:30am in the morning

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