Bio Photo Finally Up!

I’ve been extremely lazy at updating this page, but finally, a new bio photo is up for you to admire/drool over! I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a snob and only wear suits, but that’s the only photo in my recent collection that looks anywhere decent! I just want to disclaim right now that I do wear clothes other than a suit and tie.

If you’ve ever seen my photo collection. You will probably agree with me that I’m not the most photogenic person. I don’t smile a lot in my photos and there’s a very good self-conscious reason why I don’t smile. I may re-visit that topic in a later post perhaps.

I took the background out of the bio picture by using an amazing little software, Paint.Net, developed by a group of students at Washington State University. It works just like the Paint program that Microsoft bundles with its Windows OS, and also incorprates many advanced features (such as layers) found in expensive commercial applications such as Adobe Photoshop. If you’ve never worked in Photoshop, or cannot afford to buy a professional photo/picture editor, then check out this FREE software!

10/09/2005 Update: I’ve changed the bio photo image to reflect a kinder, gentler me. Also to showcase my open, fun personality!